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Bondi Public School, established in 1883, has had a long and continuous history of public education. This tradition continues as we offer quality education to students from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Each child’s potential is recognised and valued. Tolerance and acceptance are values that underpin our community.

Teachers are selected for the unique qualities that align with the values of the school Go to ‘Staff’ for a full list of staff at the school.

Parent’s involvement of the parents is an integral part of our school and parents’ participation, assistance and support are highly valued by our school community.

Our values are an essential part of who we are, what and how we learn and teach, our rules and procedures, how we behave as students and teachers, our many programs, priorities and our special occasions. These values are demonstrated at Bondi Public through:

Tolerance and understanding - our multicultural school community and support for students with special needs.

Respect for others - Personal Development classroom programs and Peer Support program emphasising social harmony and actively discouraging bullying behaviours.

Responsibility - being accountable for one's actions – underpinned by our welfare and discipline policy, opportunities and rewards for student leadership and increased responsibility.

Social Justice - being committed to a fair go for all – illustrated by work for charities and other programs, especially through the Student Representative Council and student leadership.

Excellence - performing at one's best- students are encouraged in all areas of academic, cultural, sporting and social endeavour. Students are supported by the school's programs and policies -from our awards scheme at assemblies, our reporting system and many opportunities to showcase students' individual talents.

Care for others - buddy system, transition to school and high school, and the whole student welfare program.

Inclusion and trust – a non discrimination enrolment policy, consultation with students, parents and staff and supported by an active and supportive Parents & Citizens Association.

Honesty, freedom and being ethical - school policies and programs are built around these values and reinforced at important times in the life of the school.

There are many other values which are important in the life of this school, linked to appropriate respect for authority, citizenship and leadership, pride in being Australian, optimism and belief in the value of hard work and achievement. In addition, while public schools are secular, it doesn't stop anyone believing that the spiritual development of young people is important in their lives.

Young people are encouraged to explore and develop their values BUT this should not take place in a vacuum, devoid of any understanding right and wrong. Teachers as well as parents are firm about what they believe is right, appropriate, fair and ethical. For example we teach about rules and laws and in the process reaffirm the importance of following these. Students learn about appropriate behaviour and our role as teachers and parents is to model high standards. 



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